Facts about recruiting agencies

Facts about recruiting agencies

If you have recently graduated and you have a very specific degree and you cannot find a job of your type then we suggest then you consult a manpower supply company. If you don’t know what a manpower supply company is then we are here to guide you. These are the companies that will take your CV and some money and ask you where you want to work or they will determine a job as per your skills and when the time comes, they will send you to the job. It can be inbound and outbound as well. Meaning to say if you want, they can send you abroad to work and they can also send you another city.

There are different types of best recruitment agencies in Dubai and finding one can be difficult and this kind of business is very much high now a days. If you are about to open a recruitment agency or you are about to hire one, the following some facts about manpower supply companies will give a good idea about what they are and how they work.

If you are a job seeker and you don’t have much money to hire a recruiting agency then there are some free recruiting agencies as well. They are not totally free meaning to say that they make a contract with you that when you get a job, you will be committed to give half of your pay to them as a commission and this will be one time only. Such companies are mostly preferred.

If you are a recruiter and you want see all about your candidates, then we suggest that you put an ad on of job on the any social media and if the candidate applies. You can see their schools of thoughts, views and reviews, their likes and dislikes via social media if their profile is public. This can be stalking but for some companies this is important that what you post on your timeline, if you have a hate content, the company will not hire you.

For you the recruitment companies, it is estimated that even if a new recruitment company opens, you will be prone to receive 200 to 300 CVs in a month.

For recruiting companies, you will mostly get CVs which will be focusing on the following things: Compensation and salary. Promotions, Work life, Location, Company values and culture.